Medicaid Functional Eligibility Instrument (MFEI) Training Information

Training Information

MFEI Webinar Training Video

The below Webinar Training Video covers the material located in the following documents:

  • Introduction
  • Brain Injury (BI) Waiver Assessor Training
  • MFEI Software Training
  • Module 1 - How to Use the MFEI-LOC
  • Module 2 - Identification Information

The documents are located in the table below.

   Introduction pdf icon
   Brain Injury (BI) Waiver Assessor Training pdf icon 
   MFEI Software Training
pdf icon 
 1  How to Use the MFEI-LOC
pdf icon
 2  Identification Information
pdf icon
 3  Under Development
 4  Cognition, Communication and Vision
pdf icon
 5  Mood and Behavior, Psychosocial Well-being
pdf icon
 6  IADL's pdf icon
 7  ADL's
pdf icon
 8  Continence
pdf icon
 9  Health Conditions pdf icon
 10  Environmental Assessment
pdf icon

Competency Exam Information

All online training is located on the Kansas Train Learning Management System. Create your account within this system, log-in, then search for the course name of KDADS: MFEI

Kansas Train has a dashboard that will give you a overview of the trainings you have taken and the status of that training, the course certificates, as well as other account information.

Click on this link for a brief instruction of how to create an account and how to search for the exam.

How to Create an Account on KS-TRAIN Online MFEI Competency Exam

Access for MFEI

Assessor who have met the following criteria can apply for security access to the MFEI Software Tool: