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CBS and CSS Medicaid Mental Health Service Provider's Checklist

ChecklistIn order to comply with the state, service providers must complete the training associated with each service to be delivered. Training must also be completed within the timeframe.

Follow the step-by-step process below to complete the training you need.

1. Check Requirements

Training requirements are specifically detailed by service. Locate the service to be delivered and the associated training you must complete within the timeframe.

2. Complete Required Training(s)

Most service requirements will be satisfied with the completion of the online training. However, some services have an event training or other requirements that must be completed.

Online Training

Complete the online training(s) associated with the service(s) to be delivered. Completion must be within the timeframe.

  • Complete Population Training (CBS and/or CSS)
  • Complete CBS - CSS Core Online Training
  • Complete Service Specific Training(s)
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Event Training

If required, register for the appropriate event training. Event training must be completed within the timeframe.

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3. Verify Compliance

Please note that if you provide more than one service, you are responsible to complete the training requirements for each service you will be providing.