Introductory Brain Injury Training Courses

These training modules provide an introduction for understanding and supporting individuals who have a Brain Injury (BI). The completion of these training courses does not meet the full requirements to become a certified Transitional Living Skills Specialist or to complete MFEI LOC assessments to determine BI waiver eligibility.

The purpose of the BI Waiver is to provide eligible Kansans the option to receive services in their home and community in a cost-efficient manner, as well as deinstitutionalizing individuals already being served in these settings. The program diverts individuals with a BI from seeking services from non-inclusive and institutional settings. BI waiver services are provided in the participant's home or community setting.

HCBS BI Waiver providers shall ensure all staff and recurrent volunteers have consistent and reinforced training at least annually and/or as needed. Training should be scheduled during new employee orientation and throughout the duration of employment to ensure waiver services are rendered by qualified employees and volunteers. All staff who render HCBS are required to pass background checks consistent with KDADS’s Background Check Policy and comply with all regulations related to Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation. Any provider or staff found to have been substantiated for a prohibited offense as listed in KSA 39-2009 is not eligible for reimbursement of services under Medicaid funding.

These six videos need to be reviewed in addition to any provider agency specific training. In the spring of 2024, these courses will be moved to the Kansas TRAIN online website as part of an enhanced HCBS Waiver training initiative. Providers will be notified when this change takes effect. If you have questions regarding training, please contact LaTonia Wright @ [email protected].