Long Term Services & Supports (LTSS)

Message from Commissioner Michele Heydon

DATE: Monday, June 14, 2023

KDADS announces that the requirement to exhaust community resources prior to Medicaid funding access for Assistive Services is suspended. A member’s ability to remain in, or transition to the community is paramount. Obtaining needed services to achieve those goals should be done efficiently via a partnership between the MCO and member. The MCO is considered the driver of the service including education to members, bid acquisition, arrangement of service, service delivery, payment to the provider and post service evaluation. A singular, streamlined process for all recipients of these services is in development that will support consistency in service delivery. Other insurances will remain primary, as appropriate per member. Community resources can still be explored, with MCO service coordination support, at the member’s request.

KDADS will be working with our MCO partners to develop the process and review the need to seek outside resources before requesting Assistive Services.

KDADS will post the process for Assistive Services when it is complete.

For questions regarding this information bulletin, please contact: Leigh Smith, Director, Money Follows the Person.

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