CDDO Peer Reviews

Purpose Statement

The Secretary shall assess the performance of the DD system to evaluate the degree to which it is effectively organized to fairly perform its statutory and regulatory responsibilities, especially in the assurance of informed choice for persons served and management and elimination of potential conflicts of interest.


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CDDO of Butler County Peer Review 9.12.17PDF591.09 KB15 Mar, 2018 Download
Cowley County CDDO Peer Review 12.1.17PDF596.61 KB15 Mar, 2018 Download
Hetlinger CDDO Peer Review 8.22.17PDF513.00 KB15 Mar, 2018 Download
DPOK Peer Review 10.10.17PDF832.60 KB15 Mar, 2018 Download
DSNWK CDDO Peer Review 1.10.18PDF1.10 MB15 Mar, 2018 Download
Johnson County Developmental Supports CDDO Peer Review 11.9.17PDF539.04 KB15 Mar, 2018 Download
McPherson County CDDO Peer Review Report 8.10.17PDF529.49 KB10 Oct, 2017 Download
ECKAAA-CDDO Peer Review Report 6.27.17PDF520.96 KB10 Oct, 2017 Download
Sedgwick County CDDO Peer Review Report 7.11.17PDF578.28 KB10 Oct, 2017 Download
Cottonwood CDDO Peer Review Report 2017PDF570.87 KB15 Jun, 2017 Download
CDDO Peer Review Report Shawnee County CDDO 11-10-16PDF535.94 KB15 Jun, 2017 Download
Achievement Services CDDO Peer Review ReportPDF571.89 KB15 Jun, 2017 Download
Big Lakes CDDO Peer Review 2.10.17PDF487.81 KB15 Jun, 2017 Download
Arrowhead West Peer Review Report 2017PDF445.07 KB15 Jun, 2017 Download
CDDO of Southeast KS CDDO Peer ReviewPDF590.69 KB15 Jun, 2017 Download

2017-2018 Peer Review Schedule

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CDDO Rights and ResponsibilitiesPDF137.51 KB09 May, 2018 Download
Companion GuidePDF420.80 KB09 Sep, 2020 Download
Peer Review ToolPDF350.01 KB09 Sep, 2020 Download