Community Supported Medication Program

The Community Support Medication Program (CSMP) is a payment source of last resort and is distributed on a first come, first served basis. The program supports persons who reside in Kansas and are in need of an atypical anti-psychotic and/or anti-depressant medication, such as Depakote, Lamicta, or Prolixin for treatment of their mental illness. Without the support of these medications, program recipients would be at risk for hospitalization. Consideration of generic forms of medication and alternative funding sources are expected.

An individual must meet the three (3) following criteria:

  1. Clinical need
  2. At-risk need
  3. Financial need

More specific information is available in the CSMP Policies and Procedures and on the Enrollment Form.

Starting September 1, 2010 the enrollment period is two (2) months. Individuals enrolled may receive a 14 day supply of the approved medication(s) every 14 days. Once the individual is not in need of the program, complete and submit a Termination Form to the Prescription Network of Kansas (PNK).


Current Forms

  • CSMP Enrollment Form (updated 6/27/19)
  • Termination Form (updated 10/19)
  • Individuals Authorized to Sign (updated 10/19) - Executive Director of a CMHC or the Superintendent of a State Mental Health Hospital needs to complete this form to authorize staff as a designee or individual authorized to sign enrollment forms for the program

Documents and Other Information

Contact Information

Prescription Network of Kansas: 800-279-3022