Behavioral Health Services and Programs

The Behavioral Health System in Kansas offers an array of services for persons and communities in need of prevention, treatment and recovery services. Kansas is a community-based services state, meaning that the system is designed in such a way as to ensure that individuals can receive necessary services in their community, instead of in an institution, whenever possible. 

  • Treatment Services in Kansas

  • Recovery Supports in Kansas

  • Problem Gambling Services in Kansas

  • Prevention Programs in Kansas

  • Nursing Facilities for Mental Health in Kansas

  • Community Support Medication Program

Contact Information for Providers

Below, there are several directories of behavioral health programs in Kansas. Included are:

  • The "Alcohol and Drug Evaluators" List provides information on Alcohol and Drug Evaluators licensed by the State of Kansas to provide the equivalent of Missouri's SATOP requirement, presented in an excel spreadsheet sortable by county, city, or facility name.
  • The "SUD Program List" contains contact information for SUD providers in Kansas and is presented in an excel spreadsheet.
  • The "Mental Health Resources Directory" contains contact information for a variety of mental health providers, including but not limited to Advocacy Programs, Community Mental Health Centers, Consumer-Run Organizations, Nursing Facilities for Mental Health, Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities, Residential Care Facilities, State Hospitals, Private Psychiatric Hospitals)
  • The "Methadone Treatment Programs" List is a list of where to find Methadone treatment in Kansas.

If you are looking for a list of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Kansas, please click here.


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