Kansas Prevention Collaborative

The Kansas Prevention Collaborative was created in an effort to integrate and innovate behavioral health Prevention_Logo2020_Final Logo-01prevention efforts. The Collaborative has two main goals:

  1. Expanding prevention efforts to be more inclusive of mental health promotion, suicide prevention, and problem gambling education and awareness.
  2. Increasing the availability of resources to adequately fund local level prevention and promotion strategic plans.

All services provided by the Collaborative partners are designed to support capacity development, increase engagement and involvement and expand opportunities in terms of fiscal and other resources to communities across the state.

The new
Kansas Prevention Collaborative (KPC) website was created to serve as a communication hub for behavioral health coalitions across the state; it will allow coalition members to exchange resources and information and lead the conversation about prevention in the state.  The website is also designed to ensure that coalitions have access to  the tools necessary to do sustainable work within their communities.



Provision of statewide training and technical assistance to community coalitions, community initiatives, and KDADS projects that may be focused on one or more behavioral health concerns (substance abuse prevention, problem gambling awareness and prevention, suicide prevention, mental health promotion)
The Center for Learning Tree Institute, Greenbush  Provision of statewide, regional, and local-level behavioral health data collection, analysis and evaluation, including the Administration of the Kansas Communities that Care Student Survey 
Wichita State University-Center for Community Support and Research  Provision of statewide behavioral health education, resource and information dissemination, consumer outreach and advocacy including the development of a communication’s hub and the development and facilitation of a statewide prevention coalition 
Kansas Suicide Prevention HQ
Kansas Suicide Prevention HQ was formerly known as Headquarters. Today, Kansas Suicide Prevention HQ is the suicide prevention leader in Kansas, providing counseling, education, and resources for all to improve public health.


KSPHQ operates Headquarters Counseling Center, providing free crisis counseling by phone and text, and the Kansas Suicide Prevention Resource Center, as well as comprehensive training throughout Kansas and within our volunteer counselor program.

KSPHQ is able to provide Kansans high-quality, evidence-based suicide intervention services, prevention systems, and resources. We know that through compassion, means restriction, and professional intervention that suicide is preventable.

KU Center for Community Health and Development
The Center for Community Health and Development (formerly the KU Work Group) has developed widely used capabilities for community-based participator research and for building capacity for community work, including through the Community Tool Box and Community Check Box. Recognition of these capabilities led to official designation in 2004 as a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Community Health and Development. LEARN MORE


The Collaborative will support capacity development as we seek to increase and advance local prevention efforts. DCCCA will coordinate training and TA, coaching, and partner with the evaluation team as appropriate to ensure communities have the skills necessary to utilize the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), implement evidence-based strategies, and achieve outcomes.

Engagement & Involvement will be supported by our system as we work to engage diverse stakeholders within our prevention efforts. We will work with communities of place and practice and focus on building collaborative relationships across the state

Creating efficiencies in our support systems and focusing on locally driven initiatives we have created Opportunities for communities to implement comprehensive level strategic plans with adequate funding to ensure success.