Sequential Intercept Model

The Sequential Intercept Model (SIM), developed by Mark R. Munetz, M.D. and Patricia A. Griffin, Ph.D.,1 provides a conceptual framework for jurisdictions interested in exploring the intersection of behavioral health and criminal legal system, assessing available resources, identifying gaps in services, and conducting strategic planning. These activities are best accomplished by a diverse cross‐system group of stakeholders from the behavioral health and criminal legal systems including mental health and substance use treatment providers, law enforcement and other first responders, courts, jails, community corrections, social service
agencies, housing providers, people with lived experience, family members, and many others.

KDADS Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) Leadership Committee

Secretary Howard is pleased to announce the formation of the KDADS Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) Leadership Committee to help move six key areas forward to better serve individuals living with I/DD and co-occurring mental health diagnoses. Following the SIM Conference November 9-10, 2022, stakeholders with years of experience were invited by Secretary Howard to join the SIM Leadership Committee and bring expertise from key intersections of the community: law enforcement, judges, managed care organizations, self-advocates, mental health providers, and other stakeholders. This committee will lead and define priority areas and develop metrics to measure success.