SHICK Volunteer Risk and Program Management Policies (VRPM)

Beginning in April 2017, the implementation of the VRPM is a required component of all SHIP program grants. The Administration for Community Living (ACL) feels that VRPM is a key requirement for the continued growth and effective operation of SHIP.

The VRPM is not a criticism of how we have been doing things. Experience indicates that SHIP programs have been very successful in engaging and retaining volunteers. Despite that, we all know that there is room for improvement, we all know areas where we are not doing the best job we could, and we should recognize that this is a great opportunity to make some improvements. You probably have some ideas yourself.

The VRPM policies are designed to work both for volunteers and for paid staff. For staff they provide guidance on how to better handle volunteer performance issues and provide written backup for correcting unsatisfactory behavior. For volunteers they give better guidance on what’s expected and guarantee a level of respectful treatment.

All SHICK counselors should familiarize themselves with the VRPM, downloadable below. If you have questions about the VRPM or need clarification, please contact your local SHICK Coordinator or the State SHICK Office.

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Incident Reporting FormPDF232.15 KB14 Apr, 2021 Download
Incident Reporting ProceduresPDF226.40 KB14 Apr, 2021 Download
Complaint by Volunteer Form and InstructionsPDF313.01 KB14 Apr, 2021 Download
Complaint by Volunteer ProceduresPDF392.54 KB14 Apr, 2021 Download
SHICK VRPM 2024PDF444.25 KB14 Apr, 2021 Download