SHICK Coordinator and Counselor Information

The SHICK program would not be able to serve the Medicare beneficiaries of Kansas if it were not for the coordinators and counselors that we have across the State.

In an effort to reach the Medicare beneficiary at the local level, we have 12 Subgrantees statewide. Each of these subgrantees chooses a person who becomes the SHICK coordinator. This person is critical in the effective and efficient operation of the SHICK program. Without them, very little would be accomplished.

Each coordinator is responsible for recruiting SHICK counselors. These people are at the most local level. There are over 350 SHICK counselors across the 105 counties of Kansas. As well as recruiting volunteers, the coordinators recruit SHICK partners as counselors. These are people who take our training to assist them in doing a better job for the Medicare beneficiaries that they see each day.

There are several things that our volunteer and partner Counselors are NOT and it is important that beneficiaries understand this.

  • They do NOT offer advice, or any information that could be construed as legal advice.
  • They are NOT affiliated with the insurance industry.
  • They are NOT a financial planner.
  • They do NOT sell, recommend or endorse any specific insurance product, agent, insurance company or health maintenance organization.
  • They are NOT going to make any decisions for the beneficiary. They will show the beneficiaries their options, so the beneficiary may make a more informed decision.