SHICK Counselor Information and Resources

The following documents are available for download from this page in the document table below:

  • 2024 Medicare Part A & Part B Overview, including the 2024 Medicare Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA).
  • SHIP Process for Medicare Plan Finder Inquiries provides guidance for submitting inquiries regarding the Medicare Plan Finder.
  • The SHICK Program Brochure has information on the SHICK program and how to locate local SHICK agencies.
  • The SHICK Volunteer Opportunities Brochure details volunteer roles and how to become a volunteer counselor.
  • The Basic Medicare Coverage Brochure lists descriptions of the Parts of Medicare and other programs which assist with the cost of Medicare out-of-pocket costs.
  • The Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Brochure details information on Medicare Part D.
  • The Need Extra Help with Prescription Drug Costs Brochure has information on the Part D Extra Help program and how to apply.
  •  2024 Part D Plans - this is a list of the stand-alone Part D Prescription drug plans for 2024 with premium and deductible costs.
  • 2024 Federal Poverty Guidelines and LIS Resource Limits details the income and resource limits for the Social Security Extra Help program for Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage). Includes the 2024 Medicare Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA).
  • The Medicare Part D Drug Coverage Worksheet is used when counseling Medicare beneficiaries with the Part D coverage.
  • The 2023 SHICK Handbook is updated annually and is used by counselors as a Reference handbook for Medicare questions. This document is in PDF format, formatted to be printed double-sided with an inner margin large enough for 3-hole punching. It can be downloaded to your computer, tablet, smartphone, or other electronic device for electronic use.
  • Chapter 7A - Part D Enrollment Outcomes: Data Entry provides guidance when using STARS to report Part D Enrollment Outcomes.
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2024 SMP.SHICK.MIPPA Coordinator Conference Agenda DraftPDF153.29 KB07 Feb, 2024 Download
2024 Federal Poverty GuidelinesPDF245.53 KB19 Jan, 2024 Download
2024 Overview Medicare A & BPDF324.28 KB06 Nov, 2023 Download
SHIP Process for Medicare Plan Finder Inquiries - Grantee GuidancePDF224.78 KB25 Oct, 2023 Download
Chapter_7_-_Part_D_Enrollment_Outcomes__Data_EntryPDF1.18 MB12 Oct, 2022 Download
Need Extra Help with Prescription Costs BrochurePDF6.47 MB03 May, 2022 Download
SHICK Program BrochurePDF5.68 MB03 May, 2022 Download
Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage BrochurePDF5.19 MB03 May, 2022 Download
SHICK Volunteer Opportunities BrochurePDF4.93 MB03 May, 2022 Download
Basic Medicare Coverage BrochurePDF5.99 MB03 May, 2022 Download
2024 Part D plansPDF193.55 KB14 Apr, 2021 Download
Medicare Part D Drug Coverage WorksheetPDF253.93 KB14 Apr, 2021 Download
2024 SHICK HandbookPDF3.72 MB29 Sep, 2014 Download

SHIP Tracking and Reporting System (STARS)

Visit the SHIP Tracking And Reporting System (STARS)  for more information about the SHIP STARS database.