SHICK Annual Update Training

Grant Year 2024 SHICK Annual Update Training

The 2024 SHICK Grant Year begins April 1, 2024, and continues through March 31, 2025. Experienced counselors need to complete Session 3 Annual Update Training by March 31, 2025.

SHICK counselors are required to complete Annual Update Training each year after their initial training year to maintain certification as an active counselor. This includes all previously certified SHICK counselors. This does NOT include counselors who complete their initial Basic training in the current grant year.

Annual Update training for GY 2024 will begin after April 1. Update Training will be offered in-person on-site at selected locations or via online videoconferencing. The GY2024 training schedule and registration will be available at the SHICK Annual Training Calendar.

NOTE: If a trained SHICK counselor fails to complete the Annual Update Training in more than one grant year, they may be required to complete the Initial Counselor training to re-certify as an active SHICK counselor.