SHICK Counselor Training Information

What is SHICK Counselor Training?

Initial SHICK counselor training is an intense self-study and in-person training regimen intended to educate and certify new SHICK counselors, who will actively assist people with questions and issues about Medicare and other insurance, and then report those contacts. It is not intended to provide Medicare training for people who only want to learn more about Medicare to use personally, or in the course of their other job duties. Experienced SHICK counselors are required to complete Annual Update training.

If you do not intend to become a SHICK counselor, please explore the many other opportunities available to learn about Medicare such as the Medicare Rights Center at

Who can be a SHICK Counselor?

The SHICK program provides free, unbiased, confidential counseling to anyone with questions about Medicare. Applicants must pass a background check before participation in the Medicare Grant programs as a volunteer and/or counselor.

Because of the potential for conflicts of interest, anyone who is currently associated with the insurance industry is prohibited from being a SHICK counselor.

Anyone who could use their position as a SHICK counselor to solicit business from beneficiaries is prohibited from being a SHICK counselor. This can include industries such as financial planning.

Potential volunteers cannot take SHICK training until the Coordinator or Director has determined that no conflict of interest exists.

People who work for organizations that serve Medicare beneficiaries may be SHICK counselors as long as they do not use their position to solicit business of any kind.

Training Schedule

2024 SHICK/SMP Counselor Training will be through in-person and/or videoconference training with a SHICK/SMP trainer. 

The SHICK 2024 Grant Year training will be posted on the SHICK Training Calendar page. Registration will be available through that page.

Please review the Training schedule to find your preferred training date/location option.

Counselor Initial Training

Prospective counselors are required to attend training to learn about the SHICK program and the counseling performed.
Requirements are available on the SHICK Initial Training Courses page.

Counselor Annual Update Training

SHICK counselors are required to complete Annual Update Training each year after their initial training year to maintain certification as an active counselor. This includes all previously certified SHICK counselors. This does NOT include counselors who completed their initial training in the current grant year.

Requirements and information on available training can be found on the SHICK Annual Update Training page.