Parsons State Hospital and Training Center - Commnunity Outreach

Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Training Services

The Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Training Services (DDT&TS) project was opened in 1997 to provide services for Kansans who have a developmental disability and a mental illness diagnosis. DDT&TS works with individuals from age one year to late adulthood. The intent of the project is to reduce the need for admission to state hospitals for individuals with a dual diagnosis. From 2002 through January 2015 the project has provided services to 975 Kansans.   

DDT&TS works with the individual, parents, school and other organizational staff who are providing supports for the person in the community. Anyone may request an outreach behavioral consultation for a consumer/child with whom they work. Services are comprised of an initial on-site assessment to determine the cause(s) of behaviors which are problematic for the individual and those providing supports for the person. The assessment process includes examination of environmental and psychiatric factors.  Based upon the assessment results, a behavioral support plan is developed. 

DDT&TS provides six months of follow-up services after beginning a consultation. Follow-up services include summarizing and analyzing data collected by community support teams and recommending intervention strategies. DDT&TS monitors progress and maintains regular contact and support with community teams during follow up. Training on the use of recommended intervention strategies are provided to parents and community staff working with the person. 

DDT&TS outreach services also provides in-service training on behavioral interventions and a broad array of mental and behavioral health issues. These staff development activities are available as resources to assist community organizations and schools increase community capacity for people with dual diagnosis to remain in their home community. Staff, parent and organizational training are tailored to the individual needs of those requesting training. Requests to present at regional conferences are also accepted.

For DDT&TS consultation or to request staff development training, email the DDT&TS Director or call 620-423-7469, or email the PSHTC Admissions Coordinator or call 620-421-6550, ext. 1788. They will be able to assist with the referral and consultation process or to develop a training session or conference tailored to the specific needs of your organization or community.