Parson State Hospital and Training Center - Residential Services

Parsons State Hospital and Training Center (PSH&TC) embraces an organizational culture to provide person directed services, starting from the point of view of the person to define what is important to that individual. Direct Support Professionals (DSP) and other professional staff provide supports and services aligned with personal outcomes as defined by each person. Staff responsibilities include supporting people to live safe and healthy lives. PSHTC staff use Personal Outcome Measures® (a measurement tool developed by the Council on Quality and Leadership) to examine whether services and supports are having the desired results or outcomes that matter to the person. Direct support professionals and other staff who have received training in the Franklin-Covey 4 Disciplines of Execution use that process to find out what is important to each person and ways to help the person obtain those things. The lag measures are core outcomes (from the person’s perspective) related to health, safety, rights, fair treatment and freedom from abuse and neglect. Lead measures are supports teams are providing to support or lead to attainment of the core outcomes.

  • Zero Tolerance

  • Accreditation - ICF / IID

  • Accreditation - Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL)

  • Behavior Intervention

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Risk Management