Resident Employment and Career Development

Parson State Hospital and Training Center (PSH&TC) maintains multiple employment programs, including supported employment and independent employment, on grounds and in the surrounding community. Employment Training and Career Development staff help individuals to customize their employment training based on personal interests, choices and experience. Goals and skills training are then provided to the individual to promote successful employment. The Employment and Career Development Department, in conjunction with the PSH&TC Human Resources Department, also offers training for residents in the following areas: Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) representative training, Job search and interview training, and employment discrimination.

Resident Employment and Career Opportunities

  • Campus Cafe

  • Recycling

  • Clay Things

  • Dog-E-Bones

  • Domestic Decor

  • Housekeeping Assistants

  • Horse Barn and Work Crew

  • Copies2 / Kustom Parts

  • Laser Designs

  • Laundry

  • LBJ Deliveries

  • Packaging

  • Screen Printing

  • Store Room Delivery

  • The Wood Shop

  • Toner Refill and Recycle Service

  • Trash Collection

Screen Printing Wood Shop Packaging Recycling Mobile Munchies Bike Shop Dog-E-Bones Clay Things Domestic Decor Laser Designs