Osawatomie State Hospital - Admissions

Upon admission to Osawatomie State Hospital (OSH), each individual receives a comprehensive initial assessment to assist in planning and delivering individualized treatment. The Interdisciplinary Treatment Team (IDT) which includes the patient, Psychiatrist, Registered Nurse, Social Worker, and Psychologist/Clinical Therapist, works together to develop an active treatment plan. This plan establishes criteria for discharge, goals, objectives, and treatment interventions designed to restore or improve the patient's level of functioning, address the presenting problems, to facilitate recovery, and to promote a healthy return to community living.

Treatment Teams

Treatment services are provided in individual and group settings by medical and mental health professionals. Treatment is focused so that every aspect of the patient’s experience at the hospital is purposeful and by design. All treatment staff function through the team model in order to promote a coordinated and active effort to provide comprehensive patient care. In addition to the IDT, treatment staff serve on teams such as the Psychological and Therapy Services Team (PTS) and the Unit Services Team (US). These teams work in tandem with the patient to see that treatment is seamless throughout the hospital and coordinated effectively with the community.​

Psychiatric Admission

If you are seeking admission to a psychiatric facility, contact your local Community Mental Health Center.

Your area mental health center will complete a Psychiatric Screening Assessment to evaluate your need for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. They will also complete the required legal paperwork for admission, if indicated.

To discuss admission criteria and waitlist (OSH), please contact Triage at: 913-755-7116.

Paperwork Required for Admission:
  • Mental Health Screening Form
    • We require a screening assessment for all admissions except criminal competency.
  • Certificate of Physician, Licensed Psychologist, or a designated QMHP
  • Statement from a QMHP
  • Application for Emergency Admission
  • Voluntary Admission – Voluntary Application signed by a patient or patient’s guardian. If the patient’s guardian is signing the form, we will also need guardianship paperwork, including authority to admit pursuant to K.S.A. 59-3077, or Application for Emergency Psychiatric Admission.
    • Application for Voluntary Admission