CNAs / CMAs with Findings of Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation

The Survey, Certification and Credentialing Commission is responsible for investigating allegations of abuse, neglect, exploitation or failure to provide adequate care and services to residents in adult care homes licensed by KDADS. Investigations are done to determine compliance with federal and state regulations regarding the health, safety, and welfare of any resident of any licensed adult care home.

The Commission operates a toll-free hotline for the purpose of providing free phone access to report allegations of abuse, neglect, exploitation, violations of state and federal regulations, complaints about registered operators and failure to provide adequate care of individuals residing in adult care homes. Information on how to contact the hotline is listed below:

By Phone:

8 am to 5 pm
Monday through Friday, excluding holidays

By Fax:


The FAX must be addressed to: KDADS Report Suspected Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation

Callers are directed to contact local law enforcement for complaints of abuse, neglect or exploitation during non-operational hours. Anyone with knowledge or concerns about an adult care home can file a complaint. Complaints may be filed anonymously.

Once it has been determined that the complaint allegation(s) fall within the scope of the agency's authority, the complaint will be triaged to determine the severity and urgency of the allegations so that appropriate and timely actions can be pursued.

All complaint surveys are unannounced and conducted by qualified Health Facility Surveyors. Survey protocol is followed during the investigation which may include interviews, record reviews and surveyor observations.

Complainants will receive an outcome letter at the end of the investigation. The outcome letter will inform the complainant whether the allegations were substantiated as well as whether the facility was found to be in compliance with the adult care home regulations. State or federal remedies may be imposed on facilities related to cited deficient practices.

List of CNAs / CMAs with Findings of Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation

*NOTE: If a date is listed as 01/01/01 this indicates no DOB is available for that person.

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