Nursing Facilities for Mental Health

Nursing Facilities for Mental Health provide residential care and rehabilitation treatment for persons experiencing severe symptoms of mental illness. They provide round-the-clock supervision and care for persons with mental illness needing this level of service.

Eligibility Requirements

To be determined eligible a Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) must be completed. To request a Level 1 screen, please contact your local ADRC.

All persons entering a Medicaid-certified nursing home in the state of Kansas must have a PASRR review prior to admission. Level I CARE/PASRR screen is the usual instrument completed except in cases of less than 30-day stays or terminal illness. Any person entering a Medicaid-certified Nursing Home in Kansas must have the PASRR screening as appropriate. The reason the screen is required is as a result of the level of care and licensure of the nursing home, not the funding stream the resident will be using.

A current list of NFMH in Kansas can be found here: NFMH Directory.

Once a person has been approved to receive services in a NFMH, an annual assessment (called a Screen for Continued Stay) is completed by a screener trained at the Community Mental Health Center. This review is a third-party review to determine if the level of service is still appropriate for the individual. If an individual is determined able to live in a less restrictive environment at the time of the screen the facility should work with the individual to make a comprehensive discharge plan back into the community with Community Mental Health Services. If an individual or their guardian disagrees with this determination they have 90 days to appeal the decision.

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