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KDADS Awards More than $600,000 to Suicide Loss Survivor Support Program

For Immediate Release

March 14, 2023

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Cara Sloan-Ramos

TOPEKA – The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) has awarded a contract to suicide loss survivor support program “Lemon Aid,” operated by the nonprofit organization Six Feet Over (SFO). Lemon Aid will provide Kansans with assistance paying for costs associated with the loss of a loved one to suicide and emotional support for survivors of suicide and individuals with lived experience of suicide, while engaging in community prevention through mental health education and advocacy to support healthier futures.

The program will coordinate and operate under the State of Kansas Suicide Loss Survivor Fund with the goal of providing support to Kansas families impacted by the suicide loss of a family member (“Impacted Person”). Kansans can find more information and apply for assistance at

“KDADS is very excited to launch this program here in Kansas as part of our suicide prevention efforts,” KDADS Behavioral Health Services Commissioner Andy Brown said. “The support Kansas families receive will help connect those impacted by suicide of a loved one to local services.”  

Six Feet Over offers emotional support services provided by a Lemon Aid social worker to all impacted persons participating in the program, as well as preparing and sending care packages, conducting needs assessments, providing opportunities to connect with peer support, and developing care plans. If the impacted person needs additional services and resources, they will be referred to a local behavioral health professional. Lemon Aid will work to determine the financial needs of impacted persons and make appropriate recommendations to the Lemon Aid Voting Committee (LAVC), comprised of funeral professionals, mental health professionals and suicide loss survivors. Lemon Aid staff will act as an advocate for impacted persons throughout the LAVC review and voting process.

“Six Feet Over is honored to assist Kansans who have experienced a loss to suicide by providing a comprehensive service of supports through our Lemon Aid program. Loss survivors deserve to feel supported, heard, seen, and be given a solid foundation to heal from their loss in hopes that they will thrive and also negate the chances of additional suicides in the family or community,” Executive Director and Founder of Six Feet Over Katie Hardy said. “Our priority is to make sure the Kansan suicide loss survivors who need help get it while also ensuring that they, and their person, are always given respect and dignity. We are so grateful to be given this opportunity and will do everything we can to be great stewards of this grant.”

Hardy adds that the organization takes pride in the transparency of the process, specifically with the financial aspect of its services, by involving local volunteers to oversee and make the final decisions on how and to whom the financial aid is used. The grant focuses on the residents of the state with an abundance of intention as it is funded by Kansans and is for Kansas loss survivors who will work with a Kansan Client Advocate.

Lemon Aid services will be accessible by law enforcement, EMS, state referrals, resource partners, and funeral professionals, as well as direct outreach from Kansans. Financial assistance offered are specific to expenses associated with death, including funeral, cremation, remembrance pieces, memorial services, biohazard remediation, body transportation, sales taxes, and unpaid bereavement time from work. In addition to Lemon Aid’s program-specific work, Six Feet Over will participate in committees, coalitions, or workgroups as KDADS requests.

Six Feet Over believes everyone deserves the dignity of a respectful service after death and their loved ones deserve the opportunity to grieve their loss in a dignified way. Lemon Aid provides them the opportunity to not only provide these services, but to do so while helping defray and alleviate the unexpected cost burdens associated with their loss.