Legislative testimony

As the lead state agency providing services to Kansas's older adults and people with disabilities, the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) provides a voice for senior issues before the State Legislature. Testimony presented to the Legislature by KDADS is posted here each session.

2022 Legislative Session Testimony

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
KDADS Proponent Testimony HB2697 - 2.17.22PDF550.08 KB18 Feb, 2022 Download
KDADS Budget Presentation - SWAM House Subcom 02.17.22PDF1.33 MB18 Feb, 2022 Download
KDADS Mental Health Updates - House Approps 2.16.22PDF1.03 MB18 Feb, 2022 Download
KDADS Proponent Testimony on HB 2281 02.15.22PDF216.72 KB18 Feb, 2022 Download
MH Hospitals Budget Testimony - Various Committees 2.2022PDF1.41 MB14 Feb, 2022 Download
IDD Hospitals Budget Testimony - Various Committees 2.2022PDF467.64 KB14 Feb, 2022 Download
KDADS Bethell Testimony 2.04.22PDF1.20 MB04 Feb, 2022 Download
KDADS HCBS NF Reimbursement - House SSB Committee 2.1.22PDF521.69 KB01 Feb, 2022 Download
KDADS HB 2463 Written Only Opponent Testimony - House HHS Committee 1.26.22PDF157.92 KB25 Jan, 2022 Download
KDADS Senior Nutrition Programs - House Children & Seniors Committee 1.25.22PDF239.17 KB25 Jan, 2022 Download
KDADS Performance Based Budgeting - House SSB Committee 1.20.22PDF511.92 KB20 Jan, 2022 Download
KDADS FMAP Plan - House SSB Committee 1.19.22PDF696.97 KB19 Jan, 2022 Download
KDADS IDD Waiver and Community Support Waiver - House SSB Committee 01.19.22PDF331.74 KB19 Jan, 2022 Download
Kansas 988 Implementation Plan - House HHS Committee 1.12.22PDF1.17 MB19 Jan, 2022 Download
KDADS Testimony on 988 - House HHS Committee 1.12.22PDF212.25 KB19 Jan, 2022 Download