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Technology Assisted (TA) Waiver

Photo of nurse assisting a patient with a respirator

The Technology Assisted (TA) waiver provides services to individuals ages 0 through 21 years who are chronically ill or medically fragile and dependent upon a ventilator or medical device to compensate for the loss of vital bodily function. Eligible individuals require substantial and ongoing daily care by a nurse comparable to the level of care provided in a hospital setting to avert death or further disability.


  • Health Maintenance Monitoring
  • Home Modification
  • Financial Management Services (FMS)
  • Intermittent Intensive Medical Care
  • Personal Care Services (PCS)
  • Medical Respite
  • Specialized Medical Care (SMC)


To be eligible for the TA waiver, an individual must meet the following criteria:
  1. Be between 0 and 21 years of age;
  2. Meet the HCBS Technology Assisted Program definition;
  3. Require one or more of the identified primary medical technology(ies) and meet the minimum technology score for the specified age group;
  4. Meet the minimum nursing acuity level of care threshold for the specified age group;
  5. Be financially eligible for Medicaid.


To apply for the TA waiver contact Children's Resource Connection by phone: 316-721-1945 or email: [email protected]. A MATLOC assessor will complete the MATLOC assessment to determine your medical technology dependency and the level of needs by specific age group.

The Access Guide contains additional information regarding enrollment details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information

For additional information or assistance you may follow the provided link to contact the KanCare Ombudsman.

Renewal Information

Find waiver status, renewal, and public comment information here: Technology Assisted Information.

Contact Information

SED Waiver Program Manager:
Sam Philbern


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