Kansas Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Block Grant

The combined Community Mental Health Services Block Grant (MHBG) and the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SAPT) is a noncompetitive grant that provides funding for substance abuse and mental health prevention, treatment, recovery support, and other services to supplement Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance services.

 Specifically, block grant funds are directed toward four purposes:

  • Fund priority treatment and support services for individuals without insurance or for whom coverage is terminated for short periods of time.
  • Fund those priority treatment and support services not covered by Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance for low income individuals and that demonstrate success in improving outcomes and/or supporting recovery.
  • Fund primary prevention - universal, selective and indicated prevention activities and services for persons not identified as needing treatment.
  • Collect performance and outcome data to determine the ongoing effectiveness of behavioral health promotion, treatment and recovery support services and plan the implementation of new services on a nationwide basis.

The combined MHBG and SAPT application for the current block grant cycle can be found below.

Reports for Public Comment

Community Mental Health Services Block Grant Application
Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Application

Feedback should be submitted through 3:00pm on 8.26.21 via kdads.bhs@ks.gov.

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
FY2022-2023 SAPT Block Grant ApplicationPDF6.12 MB23 Aug, 2021 Download
FY 2022-2023 Mental Health BG Application for Public CommentPDF5.64 MB23 Aug, 2021 Download

Approved Block Grant Applications and Reports

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
FY2021 Substance Abuse Block Grant Draft for Public CommentPDF2.69 MB09 Nov, 2020 Download
FY2021 Mental Health Block Grant ReportPDF392.72 KB09 Nov, 2020 Download
Approved FY 2020-2021 SABG and MHBG ApplicationPDF17.44 MB06 Aug, 2020 Download
Approved FY2020 Substance Abuse Block Grant Report PDF3.77 MB06 Aug, 2020 Download
Approved 2018 2019 Combined Block Grant ApplicationPDF16.73 MB14 Feb, 2018 Download
Approved 2016 2017 Combined Block Grant ApplicationPDF9.46 MB15 Mar, 2016 Download
Approved 2014 2015 Combined Block Grant ApplicationPDF5.70 MB12 Jan, 2015 Download

Reports Submitted to SAMHSA Awaiting Approval

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
2018 Final Kansas Monitoring ReportPDF3.10 MB10 Dec, 2020 Download
FY2021 SABG BH Report Submitted to SAMHSA 11.25.20PDF4.10 MB03 Dec, 2020 Download
FY2021 MHBG BH Report Submitted to SAMHSA 11.25.20PDF1.76 MB03 Dec, 2020 Download


Federally Required Marijuana Attestation – Block Grant Special Condition of Award:

Kansas Marijuana Attestation