SHICK Counselor Training Information

What is SHICK Counselor Training?

Initial SHICK counselor training is an intense self-study and in-person training regimen intended to educate and certify new SHICK counselors, who will actively assist people with questions and issues about Medicare and other insurance, and then report those contacts. It is not intended to provide Medicare training for people who only want to learn more about Medicare to use personally, or in the course of their other job duties. Experienced SHICK counselors are required to complete Annual Update training.

If you do not intend to become a SHICK counselor, please explore the many other opportunities available to learn about Medicare such as the Medicare Rights Center at

SMP / SHICK / MIPPA Training Schedule

The SHICK 2016 Grant Year training has been posted on the SHICK Training Calendar page. Registration information is also available by filling out and submitting the form below.

Training Registration

SHICK 2016 Training Registration Form

Register for your selected sessions below. Room capacity is limited and registration will be closed when sessions have reached capacity. Please review all fields for accuracy, as a registration confirmation will be sent to the email address provided.

Webinar is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

If you have questions regarding the registration process or your registration confirmation, please contact the State SHICK Office at 800-432-3535.
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Experienced counselors - register for Session 3 Update Training.
SHICK Update Training Webinar


SMP / SHICK / MIPPA Counselor Initial Training

  1. Learn more about the SHICK, SMP and MIPPA programs
  2. Complete a SHICK Volunteer Partner Application (required for all applicants for initial training)
  3. Complete the application and return to the local SHICK coordinator (find your local coordinator)
  4. Coordinator will schedule and conduct an interview for suitability

After a successful interview

  1. Coordinator provides information on the online training at SHICK Training Courses - Initial
    1. A self-study and mentoring schedule is set up.
    2. Applicant registers at the SHIP Technical Center website for access to online self-study Courses.

      1. Self-study includes Medicare courses through the Medicare Rights University on the SHIP Technical Assistance Center website and the SMP Foundations Training.
    3. After self-study courses are completed, the applicant completes the 2016 SHICK end of Medicare Rights University 5-question exam.
    4. In-person training should be scheduled to allow enough time to complete self-study and mentoring.
  2. Coordinator will provide the documents necessary to conduct a background check to the applicant.

    1. Applicant completes the required background check forms and mails to the State SMP/SHICK office.
    2. The Coordinator also faxes or emails a copy of the application to the State office.
  3. State office performs background check.
    1. Coordinator and applicant are notified of results.
  4. Applicant attends six hour in-person training, Initial Basic training – Medicare Part C & D
    1. Brief review of original Medicare and Medigap
    2. Extensive review of Medicare Part D & Part C (Medicare Advantage)
    3. SMP / SHICK / MIPPA Program specific content
  5. Applicant is certified as a SMP / SHICK / MIPPA counselor.
  6. New counselor works with local Coordinator to begin solo counseling with Medicare beneficiaries

Advanced Initial Training

  1. Applicant continues mentoring program and additional self-study as needed
  2. Applicant attends second in-person training class, Advanced training, if interested
    1. Medicare Parts A & B
    2. Medigap plans
    3. Coordination of benefits
    4. Medicare Rights & Protections
  3. Applicant is certified as an Advanced SMP / SHICK / MIPPA counselor

SHIP Technical Assistance Center Registration

Using SHIP Technical Assistance Center Training

  • Log in to the SHIP TA Center using your email address and password
  • Click on the Counselor Training link in the blue link bar
  • Click on the green Counselor Training and Certification link on the Counselor Training and Certification page
  • Click on the Courses link
  • Click on the course you want to study

There are four levels of core training.There are also Special Topics courses, some of which applicants will be expected to study. These are video courses with printable handouts. Each course runs from 15 to 50 minutes.

For more specific information on required courses, please go to the SHICK Training Courses - Initial page.