Responsibilities of the SHICK Sponsoring Organization and the SHICK Coordinator

  • Appoint a properly qualified Coordinator of Counselor Activities.
  • Monitor performance of coordinator and local counselors to ensure the SHIP Minimum Requirements are met.
  • Provide expenditure reports to the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services for funds awarded pursuant to the Program Agreement with SHICK.
  • Recruit volunteer and partner Counselors in the local area.
  • Screen applicants for suitability as SHICK Counselors (e.g., ensure no conflict of interest exists).
  • Ensure that coordinators and counselors have fulfilled training requirements, are certified by the SHICK program and are competent to provide counseling services.
  • Work with SHICK program staff and other agencies to coordinate presentations and outreach events.
  • Collaborate with community organizations to ensure that low-income and hard-to-reach populations have access to SHICK counseling services.
  • Provide speakers for public events as requested.
  • Host initial and update trainings for local counselors.
  • Receive client telephone calls and assign to counselors based on the needs of the client.
  • Market the SHICK program through coordinated efforts with the state SHICK office.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for supplies and materials to counselors and clients.
  • Provide counselors access to a copy machine, telephone, and computer with Internet at the sponsoring organization for the purposes of counseling clients.
  • Maintain frequent communication with counselors regarding activities and job performance. This includes disseminating updated information necessary for counseling.
  • Complete client contact reports for each contact.
  • Enter client contact reports on the National SHIPNPRSHIPTalk website every month.
  • Provide a monthly calendar of events to the state SHICK office.
  • Participate in SHICK conference calls as scheduled (teleconference and/or webinar).
  • Attend SHICK update training each year. (Minimum 12 hours per year for Active Counselor status.)
  • Read SHICK listserv messages and disseminate information to counselors.
  • Ensure that all volunteers are registered on
  • Attend other special trainings as announced.

Responsibilities of the SHICK Volunteer or Partner Counselor

  • Satisfactorily complete initial certification training. (Minimum 28 hours initial training )
  • Complete SHICK update training each year. (Minimum 12 hours per year for Active Counselor status.)
  • Read and sign the Memorandum of Understanding each year.
  • Provide confidential individual health insurance counseling services without conflict of interest and in compliance with SHIP Security Plan Guidelines for safeguarding confidential beneficiary information.
  • Provide referrals to appropriate resources.
  • Maintain frequent communication with coordinator.
  • Complete client contact reports for each contact and complete the online client contact report.
  • Read SHICK listserv messages (coordinator will make these available to all trained counselors and partners who don’t have Internet access).
  • Provide information to the public regarding Medicare and other health insurance issues as outlined in the SHIP Minimum Requirements.


  • Give public presentations
  • Help with health fairs and other events

    *The “PARTNER Counselor” is trained and signs the Memorandum of Understanding just as the Volunteer Counselor does. Other SHIP minimum requirements apply as well, though the partner counselor takes this training to assist beneficiaries in his or her job (e.g., social worker, case manager, discharge planner).