KDADS Announces Plan to Open Eight Additional Licensed Beds at Osawatomie State Hospital

For Immediate Release

October 30, 2019

For more information, contact:
Cara Sloan-Ramos

Public Information Officer

– Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) Secretary Laura Howard announced today that Osawatomie State Hospital (OSH) will open eight additional licensed beds to serve the community, increasing overall capacity at the hospital from 166 beds to 174.

“As part of our strategy to improve outcomes by seeking input from experts outside our doors, we have met with and listened to what local community partners have told us about the need for adult transitional beds on our campus,” OSH Superintendent Kristin Feeback said. “Considering their input, as well as recommendations from task force reports and stakeholder feedback, leadership staff at the hospital were very focused on finding ways to increase capacity.”

The eight additional beds, funded by monies identified in the hospital’s current budget, will be step-down beds on transitional unit B1. Step-down beds are utilized for high-functioning residents as the last step before transitioning back to the community and share similar permissions and observational level criteria as other beds already on the unit.

Unit B1 is currently fully staffed with clinical and social workers, making it possible to add eight beds and only hire three additional mental health developmental disability technicians (MHDDTs) for the unit to be fully staffed and operational.

I’m excited to see that the strong relationships we are building with community partners are leading to meaningful solutions being implemented and more Kansans’ mental health needs being met,” Secretary Howard said.

OSH leadership has implemented a plan to open beds gradually but reach eight total beds by the end of this year.