Kansas Certified Peer Specialist Training

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At long last, the Kansas Certified Peer Specialist training is ready to go! Again, we thank you for your patience as we have attempted to make this training a valuable resource for you and those who will be utilizing it for workforce development. It is our desire and intention to continue to grow and strengthen our peer workforce by making training accessible and consistent. Training now occurs in two parts: Level One for certification as a Kansas Certified Peer Specialist in Training (KCPST) which is an online, self-paced format and Level Two for certification as a Kansas Certified Peer Specialist, which is a 2.5 day in person training that will be offered up to 4 times per year in varying locations around the state.

Information on each of these leveled trainings and instructions regarding application for certification are available under the Training Documents section below, including the downloadable PDF document entitled “Behavioral Health Services Certification for Peer Specialists in Kansas”.  In addition, the downloadable PDF document entitled “Frequently Asked Questions” will be a helpful resource as well.

For questions or comments, please contact Carrie Billbe or Teresa Strausz.

Online Training Link

To access the online Level One Training, please go to: https://kansascpstraining.getlearnworlds.com.
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Training Documents

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Frequently Asked QuestionsPDF95.65 KB18 Jun, 2019 Download
Behavioral Health Services Certification for Peer Specialists in KansasPDF103.46 KB18 Jun, 2019 Download
Application for Individual CertificationPDF91.96 KB18 Jun, 2019 Download
Code of EthicsPDF46.25 KB18 Jun, 2019 Download
Merit of Public TrustPDF65.95 KB18 Jun, 2019 Download
Affirmation for AllPDF169.21 KB18 Jun, 2019 Download
Level 2 CPS Training Approval FormPDF62.43 KB18 Jun, 2019 Download