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HCBS Settings Final Rule Compliance

Attention HCBS Providers:

KDADS needs to know who you have named as the primary contact for your organization / agency regarding HCBS Settings Final Rule compliance. The Provider Contact Form is being used for this purpose. It may be accessed and submitted online at The form is also available for download below. The form will remain posted for an extended period of time.

If you have any questions about the form, please email

*Note: KDADS is only asking HCBS providers to fill out this form. Those who provide HCBS in settings that are provider owned or controlled residential settings are a priority. Even if you see minimal impact on your organization, all HCBS providers are encouraged to submit a Provider Contact Form to help stay informed and share communication as state implementation moves forward.

How to Contact the KanCare Clearinghouse

KDHE has developed a new method for HCBS and institutional providers who want to check on pending Medicaid / KanCare cases. Instead of calling the KanCare Clearinghouse, HCBS and Institutional providers should now request information regarding case status by sending a secure email using the process outlined below. These entities should use the new process immediately.

Please download the spreadsheet, complete all of the requested information and email it to the following address:

Once you have completed the spreadsheet, there is no need to contact us for a status check.

In order to help us identify your most important cases, please list cases on the spreadsheet in the order of importance to you. We will respond to the requests within two weeks of receiving the list. The response will indicate the status, but that does not guarantee that the application will be resolved. Continue to check MMIS or KMAP regularly to determine the results of the determination.

Some information regarding case status is only available with a release of information signed by the member. Forms authorizing the release of information are available on the KDHE website:

Various administrative roles are available. The member should read the release carefully to ensure they understand the content of the authorization.  

Instructions for Completing and Submitting a Spreadsheet:

  1. Complete fields in the Provider section. At a minimum, the fields in yellow must have data. Instructions for each column are at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
  2. It is required that you password protect your spreadsheet. If you need instructions on how to password protect your spreadsheet, please refer to the spreadsheet tab titled “Setting a Password.”
  3. Once you have entered data and password protected the spreadsheet, please send your spreadsheet to the following email address:
  4. Send a follow-up email with the password to

NOTE:  If a spreadsheet is sent without password protection or without the follow up email containing the password, we will be unable to assist.