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KDADS Announces Award of Two Contracts for Behavioral Health Crisis Services

For Immediate Release

November 6, 2017

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Angela de Rocha
Director of Communications
Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

TOPEKA – Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) Secretary Tim Keck today announced the agency is awarding contracts to two community mental health centers, Valeo Behavioral Health Care in Topeka and Central Kansas Mental Health Center in Salina, to provide adult behavioral health crisis stabilization services.

“These grants will support efforts to stabilize individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis, assess their needs and guide them into continuing treatment,” Secretary Keck said. “Creating these kinds of crisis stabilization programs across the state is one of the highest priority goals of our agency. We are pleased to have found two additional partners to move us closer to that goal.”

“Crisis stabilization facilities decrease reliance on the state mental health hospitals and provide law enforcement with a safe place to take people rather than hospital emergency rooms or jail, which are ill-equipped to serve them,” Secretary Keck added.

Valeo currently operates 26 crisis stabilization beds. KDADS is awarding $500,000 to Valeo to increase patient access to psychiatric medications, provide additional nursing support and peer support services, provide additional professional security staff, and add co-responders to help people in crisis.

Valeo crisis services include 23-hour crisis observation/stabilization beds, short-term crisis residential services and stabilization (72-96 hours), and short-term crisis inpatient stabilization (5-7 days). 

Valeo has set goals to reduce the daily census of Shawnee County residents at Osawatomie State Hospital by 20 percent in the first six months and to reduce the amount of time patients spend in inpatient treatment. Valeo also aims to maintain a 5 percent or lower rate of arrest for persons served through its Crisis Intervention Training Co-Responder program. Individuals brought to the Valeo facility will be triaged within 30 minutes and initial treatment plans are to be completed within 24 hours. 

KDADS is also awarding $55,000 to the Central Kansas Mental Health Center (CKMH) to establish a crisis stabilization center in Salina. CKMH works in partnership with Central Kansas Foundation, Ashby House, the Salina Rescue Mission, the Salina Housing Authority, law enforcement agencies in five counties and six hospital emergency departments. With its new crisis stabilization services, the Center expects to reduce emergency room visits, reduce hospital admissions and reduce the amount of time law enforcement spends dealing with individuals who experience a mental health or substance use crisis.

The Center also believes these crisis services will reduce the number suicides and suicide attempts in Salina and surrounding communities.

CKMH will use the grand funding to establish four adult crisis beds and will partner with Central Kansas Foundation to provide services to individuals with substance use issues (or a dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance use) who need crisis support for up to 72 hours. Once the program is established, law enforcement will be able to bring individuals in crisis directly to the CKMH crisis unit instead of taking them to a hospital emergency room. 

During the current fiscal year KDADS also is providing support for crisis stabilization programs at Rainbow Services Inc. (RSI) in the Kansas City Metro area and the South Central Mental Health Counseling Center/Regional Recovery Support Center serving Butler, Sedgwick and Sumner counties. ComCare of Wichita serves as that program’s director. RSI is receiving $3.57 million during the current fiscal year, and ComCare is receiving $1.3 million. KDADS is working with community partners to establish crisis services in other communities.