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The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services has partnered with Trualta to provide free online caregiver training to all caregivers across Kansas.

Trualta enables caregivers to practice self-care and minimize burden and distress with educational intervention with social features that can be accessed 24/7 from any device.

Introduction to Trualta

What Trualta Offers

Trualta is a web-based training platform built for family and self-directed caregivers. 
  • Professional-level training adapted for the untrained audience with skills-based content across critical care competencies
  • On-demand, personalized educational intervention with social features that can be accessed 24/7 from any device: the intervention can be caregiver-led, or driven by case management
  • Dedicated, co-branded learning platform to recommend courses, add custom content, and analyze data
  • Proven outcomes for caregivers and care recipients

The KDADS Portal

Trualta PortalThe KDADS portal provides:
  • Scalable program delivery for users
    1. Caregivers can self-register
    2. Staff can bulk invite caregivers
  • Personalized, simple delivery for caregivers
    1. Trualta takes less than 5 minutes to onboard and can be accessed from any device or via print materials
  • Robust backend to digitize the caregiver experience and make reporting even easier:

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: https://ks-caregivers.com

Trualta Portal

Host AAAs content, local resources, and events

Trualta Portal

Prioritize case loads and recommend content 1:1

Trualta Portal

Customize real-time reports and download reports

Portal Content

  • Audio, video, and eLearning modules with PDFs available for print/download
  • Bite-sized modules that roll up into in-depth courses
  • All content is ADA compliant and follows Health Literacy, Diversity and Inclusion Guidelines
  • Adding new content and expanding into new conditions based on feedback