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Parent's Version of Can't vs Won't

This treatment resource consists of 7 lessons that can be used by Community Based Providers working directly with parent/caregivers of children experiencing Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED).  The series of lessons focuses on teaching children missing skills as an approach to managing challenging behaviors.  See the Online Training instructions below.


In order to access Parent’s Version of Can't vs Won't, you must first complete Can’t vs Won’t: Working with Challenging Behaviors, which is available through the Supplemental Online Training page. You must successfully complete this prerequisite before you can gain access to the Parent’s version.

First-time Users:  You are required to review the below set of provider instructions prior to treatment delivery of Parent's Version of Can't vs Won't.

Online Training

All online training is located on the Kansas Train Learning Management System. Create your account within this system, log-in, then use the Course ID listed below to select the desired course.

Kansas Train has a dashboard that will give you a overview of the trainings you have taken and the status of that training, the course certificates, as well as other account information.

Kansas Train Instructions

Link to Online Training Site

Service Delivery Tools

An easy tool to use for keeping parents focused on helping their children meet their goals.
This tool will help you record data and collect information from the child you are working with.
This tool will assist you in matching specific treatment choices to the child's current needs based on the child's level of functioning.