COVID-19 Guidance and Resource Center

This page will be the central resource center for KDADS' State of Kansas guidance during the COVID-19 declared State of Emergency. We continue to appreciate your hard work and dedication in meeting the needs of Kansans during this emergency and hope that this guidance will aid you in social distancing during service provision. We anticipate that additional guidance will follow as the pandemic continues and you can find those revisions and updates here. We recommend keeping a copy of state or federal guidance you choose to follow on record for audits or reviews. Our goal with state guidance is to allow for as much local decision-making as possible in its implementation.

Community Service Providers

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Guidance for Community Service Providers Performing Essential FunctionsPDF1.69 MB30 Mar, 2020 Download

Behavioral Health Services Guidance

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Guidance SUD TelephonicPDF256.61 KB22 Mar, 2020 Download
COVID-19 Guidance CSMPPDF132.10 KB22 Mar, 2020 Download
Guidance - Continued Stay SuspensionPDF93.11 KB22 Mar, 2020 Download
SUD Providers - Verbal ConsentPDF252.32 KB19 Mar, 2020 Download
Community Mental Health Centers - Verbal ConsentPDF254.23 KB19 Mar, 2020 Download
Kansas Consumer Run OrganizationsPDF61.45 KB19 Mar, 2020 Download
Kansas CoalitionsPDF96.59 KB19 Mar, 2020 Download

Aging & Disability Community Services & Programs Guidance

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COVID 19-HCBS All Waiver Measures 03.25.2020PDF72.89 KB27 Mar, 2020 Download
COVID-19 Home Visit MeasuresPDF163.64 KB24 Mar, 2020 Download
COVID 19-CONFLICT OF INTEREST Meals_AAAs_ADRCsMCOsPDF122.70 KB23 Mar, 2020 Download
CARE Guidance 03.20.2020 PDF139.26 KB20 Mar, 2020 Download
COVID 19-LOC Assessments Aging and HCBSPDF103.23 KB19 Mar, 2020 Download
COVID 19-HCBS Eligibility Assessments and ReviewsPDF131.10 KB19 Mar, 2020 Download
COVID 19-HCBS Measures for IDD Waiver ServicesPDF137.35 KB19 Mar, 2020 Download
COVID 19-HCBS Frail ElderlyPDF77.41 KB19 Mar, 2020 Download
COVID 19-HCBS Physical DisabilityPDF76.68 KB19 Mar, 2020 Download
COVID 19-HCBS TA Waiver MeasuresPDF76.96 KB19 Mar, 2020 Download
COVID 19-HCBS Brain Injury Waiver MeasuresPDF76.74 KB19 Mar, 2020 Download
COVID 19-HCBS Background Check MeasuresPDF75.75 KB19 Mar, 2020 Download

Health Occupations Credentialing

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
CNA Guidance 3.24.2020PDF275.73 KB24 Mar, 2020 Download

Telemedicine & Telehealth Resources

  • KU Medical Center

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)


Friday, March 13, KDADS leadership presented two COVID-19 webinars outlining Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services guidance about the virus. Follow these links to watch videos.

Nursing Facilities Session:

Community-Based Session: