Youth Leaders in Kansas (YLinK) Program

YLinK offers youth throughout the state the opportunity to develop community youth leadership sites for youth ages 12 to18 with a serious emotional disturbance (SED) with the support and guidance of their primary caregiver(s); especially mothers and fathers. YLinK provides youth with information, education and development of individual and group leadership skills in their community, statewide and nationally. The program provides an array of services which includes, but is not limited to, improving family and peer relationships, community engagement, incorporate knowledge and training for employment and/or vocational education and self-advocacy skills.

The program is supported through grant funds from the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services/Behavioral Health Services and contracts with Wichita State University who develops and supports various youth sites across the state.

Current YLinK sites include:

  • Coffeyville
  • Independence
  • McPherson
  • Iola
  • Butler County 

For more information contact:

Samuel Demel - Wichita State University Program Coordinator
Doug Bowman - KDADS Youth Engagement Specialist