Minimum Data Set (MDS) Information

For coding questions and upcoming education contact Shirley L. Boltz, RN, State RAI Coordinator / Education Coordinator at 785-296-1282.

Validation Reports and Transmission: MS 785-228-6770

Vendor Questions

Question Answer
What MDS form will be required in Kansas? MDS 3.0
Will Kansas use RUG III or RUG IV for calculation? RUG III for Medicaid
If it is RUG III, will it be version 5.01 or 5.12? It will be 5.20, there is no difference between these versions for Medicaid-the difference was in Medicare going from the 44 groups to the 53 groups.
What are the required questions for Section S in Kansas? There are none.
Are there any customized answers for Kansas submitted MDS? No
What MDS form is used for quarterly assessments? Nursing Home Quarterly (Item Set NQ)

RAI Education Workshops

The Basics - MDS 3.0, CAA, Care Planning

The class is for New MDS Coordinators and other staff who have limited knowledge of the MDS 3.0. Updates are incorporated in the presentations.

The RAI manual can be found at:

Attendees will benefit most from the webinars if they read Chapters 2, 3, and 4 prior to participation.

To enroll in these webinar training sessions, please register below for the appropriate webinar. For questions regarding the webinar sessions, contact Tina Lewis. Each webinar session is limited to 25 registrants.

January 28, 2015

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