Parent Fee Program

The following HCBS Waiver programs may included a Parent Fee:
Eligibility for a HCBS Waiver Program for a child is determined without considering parental resources or income. Parents of children who receive services through a Waiver Program listed above are provided an Information Disclosure Form (IDF) to complete and return to KDADS.
Parent’s income, family size and related information provided on the IDF is used to set
the family fee. Parents are invoiced monthly around the fifteenth (15th) of the month.
Payments are due by the eighth (8th) day of the following month. Parents mail checks payable to “State of Kansas - KDADS” with the bottom portion of the Invoice to KDADS.
Fee variances due to a hardship or to significantly changed circumstances may be
requested. Parents may appeal the decision or final action of KDADS by requesting a Fair Hearing from the Kansas Department of Administration, Office of Administrative Hearings.
Community Mental Health Centers, Community Developmental Disability Organizations
or their affiliate providers, KDADS or an agency contracted by KDADS, may briefly explain the Parent Fee Program and provide parents Parent Fee Program materials or forms.

Additional Resources

Parent Fee Forms:

  • For a fillable Word version of the Information Disclosure Form please click here.
  • For a fillable Word version of the Fee Variance Form please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I pay my fee?

  • What circumstances will be considered hardships?

  • It would be difficult for me to pay the full fee this month. Can I pay a lesser amount?

  • Who will be reviewing the hardship requests?

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  • I was told that there are no fees for HCBS services and I shouldn’t have to pay a fee.

  • I am a foster care parent for a child receiving HCBS waivered services and a parent of a child who also receives HCBS waiver services. Will I have to pay a fee?