Referral and Document Uploads

For information regarding how to upload files in the Utility Upload, please review the HCBS File Utility Upload Instructions.

HCBS Utility Upload Guide Informational Memorandum - August 7, 2015

Upload Instructions

HCBS File Upload Utility

This application requires a KDADS Web Applications login.

Once the security information is received, sign into KDADS Web Applications by direct access on the Web Apps menu at the top of this page and clicking on the KDADS Web Applications button on the right-hand side of the page.  Once signed-in, click on the “Upload File Utility – Provider” icon button which looks like:


If the user does not have a KDADS Web Application login, they can register at KDADS by clicking this link:

KDADS Security Agreement
When requesting access, include "Provider Upload File Utility" in the Specific Application Request section of the Security Agreement Form.