Current Information for HCBS

KanCare Paper Application for Long-Term Services and Supports

Individuals with disabilities and the frail elderly applying for KanCare who believe they may qualify to receive long-term services and supports, Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS), should fill out a paper application to submit to KDHE rather than apply electronically.

The paper application provides a greater amount of detail on how to apply for the Medicaid waiver in-home services, which allow people to remain in their homes and communities, as well as for medical care. You can download and print an application if you go to the link on this page:

If you think you would qualify for HCBS services, make sure you check the box on Page 4 of the print-out that asks: “Does this person need help with nursing home costs or in-home care?”

Department of Labor Information

KDADS is providing consumers information regarding the Department of Labor Final Rule. Please view the DOL Consumer Information document or visit the Department of Labor page to view the information.